Where Would We Be?

It’s hard for me to look back and see another path because Snake and I always tend to look forward more than back. Yeah, we have the regrets that everyone has, but we try to take what has happened and make something else of it. And realizing that the other path wasn’t really what we wanted anyway.

I guess, for me, the last path that we could have taken was not to start the Snake and Charmer show online. We were still doing the things, but creating that side as a separate entity and naming it and Twitter and blog and… It was definitely new for us.

A comfort zone
is a beautiful
But nothing grows there.

[Snake: And this was a comfort zone of all sorts of personal stuff. Something we’d not ventured into, really. It was pretty dicey! It was exciting – and that pulled it into reality, but it has certainly had its challenging moments!]

It’s not always comfortable to talk about sex and to blog about it? To detail Snake’s PA experiences and post pictures of us? When we started this Twitter, it was like shouting into an empty room at times. We followed so many people and tried to interact, but it was slow. And then we put our toe in the water with the blog. NEVER did we expect anyone to ever read it.

[Snake: Emphasis on the Never. Ever.]

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

But slowly, we started connecting with people. Not all connections that lasted but some great ones. Ones who we have met and exchanged gifts with and shared highs and lows of each other’s lives. Ones who make me smile and laugh daily and I would be a lesser person without them in my life.

I can’t imagine not taking the path that we did. There has definitely been some hurt when people left us and some “odd” exchanges, but each one gave us something. If we had chosen to not take this path, I think our D/s would have stagnated a bit. I don’t doubt it would still be going, but it is hard to sustain without food.

[Snake: We’ve explored paths before, of course – business paths, life paths, family – and we’ve certainly had our share of milestone moment (forks? Coulda gone multiple ways…) but on a purely “us” level, meeting and interacting and being with the community around all of this stuff we collectively do has been a very, very smart path.]

So the path was right and I can’t even see a few feet into the other path. I have logged an incredible 76.4K tweets and we’ve written 842 posts not including this one. Made friends and memories and hopefully have given back just a bit of what we have received.

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