I am writing this on Sunday even though it will be posted on Thursday because we are heading out of town. We are going to Las Vegas, aka Sin City, for a mini vacation and it got me thinking about some of the cool and really funny things that we’ve seen and done there.

Our first trip was when we were in college. We drove overnight from Flagstaff so that we only had to stay over two nights. We were going for a conference that Snake really wanted to go to, under 21 and our parents had no clue we were there. We stayed at the dingiest little motel off the strip and swore we would save up for a better room in the future. It wasn’t really, but we refer to it as the No-Tel Motel trip.

Our honeymoon was there and we stayed at Circus Circus. I know, big spenders but I was still in college and we had just bought a house. We got married on Pi Day because it coincided with my spring break and allowed us a honeymoon. We watched someone gambling the value of our house every hand at Caesars Palace and were appalled. And giggled over the missing “l” in the heated pool sign at one of the nearby motels.

We have stayed at the Hilton when I got to come along on a business trip with Snake. We stayed at a weird motel so far away from the convention center one year when Snake was helping in an exhibit and had to walk back and forth past the Stratosphere to the convention center every day. If you haven’t been there, it’s not great in heels.

I still have scar tissue on the back of my left calf from an intoxicated woman in a scooter who lost control and slammed into my leg at Luxor. And I now have a definite paranoid feeling every time one comes up behind me quickly. Lol.

Excalibur. Mandalay Bay. MGM Grand. New York New York. The Mirage. Tropicana. Bellagio. Aria. Vdara.

Each place has unique memories and some great sex. Duh. It’s us. So, this week has been Vdara. Seeing Love at The Mirage and Hunger Games Exhibition at MGM. And yummy food. And gambling. And pool. And the super cool robots that deliver coffee. And booze. And people watching.

But, best of all, making new memories with my love and best friend.

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  1. Oooooooh you made me take a trip down memory lane. The first time ever I traveled alone without a man at my sides or kids to watch over, was back in 2003 and I went to Las Vegas for a pheromone convention. The first night I stayed in… Circus Circus! And after that somewhere close to Fremont Street, but the hotel has been demolished and a new one was built. I can’t remember the name. That is one place I would love to go back to: Las Vegas! Hope you had a FABULOUS time!

    Rebel xox

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