R is for Road Trip

They had been driving all day and had another full day to go tomorrow before they got to his parent’s house. It was pretty, but it was getting tedious.

Photo by Sunsetoned from Pexels

They bought a cheap bottle of wine and were sitting outside drinking it while they ate the take-out burgers from the place next door. The small town had no recognizable fast food places, but the manager of the motel told them it was the best food in town.

Picking up a soggy french fry, she giggled. “It’s flaccid.”

He rolled his eyes. “Are you 12?”

“You love my sexual innuendos.”

“Only when they aren’t accompanied by bad food. We should have stopped before we got here. Even McDonald’s would be better than this.”

“They don’t have wine, though. There are perks to being here.”

“True, but it’s not really great wine, either.”

She looked at the rolling hills in the distance and raised her glass. “To experiences!” She giggled as some of the wine spilled out of her plastic glass and landed on the discarded fries. “Hey, maybe that will improve the taste.”

He picked it up and took a bite. “Nope. But maybe if you spill some on yourself, I can help you clean up…”

“I wasn’t hungry anyway,” she giggled. “Let’s see if the bed is better than the local cuisine.”

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One thought on “R is for Road Trip”

  1. You can’t foresee everything on a road trip. But two are always more fun. Especially if there is a bed and a shower in the middle of the path. Although, good food wouldn’t hurt either.

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