Tell Me About: Collars and Cuffs

I was so excited when I saw this topic because I get to share pictures of my favorite subject: Snake.

[Snake: Sigh.]

When we started this thing that we do, one of the first things we purchased was a play collar and a set of cuffs. We’ve added to the restraint system over the years but we still have the same set.

[Snake: I’ve been surprised by how strong well-created straps of leather and buckles can be… sometimes I wonder about “Play,” just sayin’.]

I love how putting the collar on just changes things. Our life goes from marriage to D/s with the clasp of the buckle. I can feel the power rise in me and feel him settle.

It feels solid and serious. But, it also is soft enough for him to keep it on for an extended period of time. It just is right.

[Snake: I *do* settle. It’s odd, really. It’s usually a mix of trepidation, anticipation, my sub-side, my wanting to do the right things, my wanting to run away. All of it. So I often just settle in mentally. Everything becomes very focused.]

The cuffs are made to order and fit perfectly. They hold up to a lot of stress. They give options for all different positions and he knows that he is not going anywhere. And they are sexy AF on him.

We’ve used them with the restraint system under the bed, add-on restraints like in the picture, on the bench, at home and on the road. They were an amazing purchase.

We haven’t had nearly enough play time lately with either the collar or the cuffs. I miss it and know that it is time to take back our life. As much as I would love nothing more than to play constantly, this spring and early summer didn’t give nearly enough opportunity.

The play associated with the collar and cuffs is different from business as usual. The D/s dynamic is always present in our play and life but the cuffs and collar take us to a different place where it is only us. It recharges us and reinvigorates our passion for each other. It makes the world smaller and brings us front and center for a time.

[Snake: Something about giving up control (yes, we always have safewords), that lets you let go. It lets you be in the moment. It lets you trust. It lets you chase the right headspace, the feelings, the mental waves. It lets you turn on a few selfish switches too, focusing on what’s happening and all the feedback and energy it creates.]

While that collar is gorgeous, it is not really applicable to day-to-day work life. Snake wears a day collar all of the rest of the time. It is a constant symbol of his submission to me and our commitment to each other.

[Snake: it’s simple, but I made it, modeled after another, and I like that it’s just always there.]

When it is viewed by other people, he can honestly say that I gave it to him and there’s no weirdness. Yes, some people probably have an idea of what it is and that’s fine. Others have no idea and that’s fine too.

I am really honored that Snake wears my collar. His trust and submission to me brings me joy and peace and love. Each time I touch the collar, it’s a silent connection between us, keeping us strong and present.


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