New game….and you get to help

Snake and I have had a crazy May. Unexpected trip out of town for eight days to deal with family stuff. It was good but incredibly stressful.

On top of that, we were supposed to do our dance performance on May 18th. This was our first time to perform together in over a year because of one dance studio closing, another opening and lessons all over the place. We just missed getting it ready for last December and we were excited to perform it. Zac Brown Band “Colder Weather” if you are curious.

Guess when we were out of town for the emergency? May 11-19. So, I don’t anticipate it happening until December BUT we should have two ready by then. I’m probably tempting fate saying that.

We came back and last Thursday my car started making static noises from the back speaker. Then no radio. Snake took it to the dealership who said it was the amplifier and would be $1000. Uh. No.

We just took his truck over the weekend for the things we had to do and figured he had time to deal with mine early this week. It’s just a radio, right? Yeah, until he tried to unlock the trunk on Monday to get out the dance shoes and the clicker didn’t work. Dead battery. Short or something? Who knows?

So, yeah, PITA, but he figured he’d just get it jumped and take it to the stereo place and it would get sorted. He was going to do that Tuesday after a meeting that he had to go to… EXCEPT, his truck starts leaking water and overheating on the way to work. He just made it to the shop. Cracked radiator. Really?

He gets a ride to work (remember, dead car here so I’m not any help) and they can’t get it done until Wednesday. He gets a ride home that night and to work yesterday. They finally get it done in time for us to do date night—pretzels and fondue and whiskey and yummy food.

Thursday I usually go to the grocery store, but again, car is still dead. Even possibly deader than it was on Monday, if that is possible. Snake took me to the store and acted as my chauffeur (Thank you, honey) and now is off to pick up replacement glasses and then to go to stereo places to see what options will work.

HOPEFULLY tomorrow we will have two functioning cars again. I know, definitely first world problems, but what a crazy month. I’m ready for June.

Me being Charmer decided this means that we need a game for some fun. We’re going to play Cards Against Humanity but all of you will be the card czar. Each day I will post the black card and our two white cards on the Twitter timeline as a poll. You get to choose which one is the best response without knowing if it is mine or Snake’s.

We will play for a week and if Snake wins then he will get a reward. I know what it is, but you will have to stay tuned. And if he doesn’t…well, I win. And by that, I mean, I get to torment him in some really fun and sexy way.

So, watch for the daily polls and vote. And, by that, I mean vote for mine!

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