Sinful Sunday #107 – Of Marks and Teeth

I still find myself dismayed and surprised by the mechanics of pain.  I’m not a full-on masochist… I don’t think (Charmer may think otherwise) but I have found that once I get past that initial bit starting off, things change.  It sounds almost, well, mental at times.

I mean, how can a hurt feel differently over a very short time?  I get the biology of it all.  I understand about all of that logically, but I still get surprised by it all.  At the start, incredibly difficult to tolerate.  After only a bit, I seek it out.

I have not perfected this by any stretch, and I still have to fight to stay a bit “present” because otherwise I could imagine tripping over the edge and getting more injured than hurt (to me, there’s a difference).

I’m not crazy.  I’m not bonkers.  I will say that it’s all very intriguing.  Here’s a look at part of the art of pain – about 1/3 of it in this case.  Knees to neck, what a strange, bizarre ride.


Sinful Sunday


9 Replies to “Sinful Sunday #107 – Of Marks and Teeth”

  1. Someone called Dan Savage recently to inquire as to whether anyone ever gave hickeys anymore; yes. Yes they do. And it’s so sexy!

  2. I have a similar relationship with pain. I always start off struggling and fighting it, but eventually my body/mind finds a place where it all balances out and then I can ride the crest of the sensation and it feels soooo damn good. Finding that balance can be tricky though. I however live for the marks and bruises and so will grit my teeth through the pain just to get my visual reward


  3. Really enjoyed reading about your experience with pain. It’s something I’m considering a lot for myself right now and hearing others opinions is helpful in helping me understand me. Great photo too!
    Aurora x

  4. Fighting the initial wave of pain seems to take forever for me; however, I know it is probably only minutes. On those rare occasions when the pain blends seamlessly with the erotic energy pulsing through my body creating a ruined orgasm…well that is special.

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