Dance and Snake Torture….

So, not quite a month ago, I wrote that things were getting back to normal around here.  Of course, us being us, normal is a pretty relative term…

We had our first performance in about six months at the beginning of October.  Snake and I danced one routine and I danced another “girl” formation one as well.  It went reasonably well.  [SS: These are not simple routines, and we’re not professional dancers, but they were fun to pull together and the we nailed the hard parts!] I am my own worst critic with these things so it probably went better than I thought but…

[SS: for the record, these images are so true!  It never looks like you think it did.]

But, in typical Charmer fashion, not only did we finish those, but immediately started on two new routines.  Which will, of course, require learning new dance styles and one will have me so far out of my comfort zone that I’m not even sure that I will be able to see my comfort zone from there.   Burlesque….just let that sink in….  [SS: I can’t wait…]

Back to weight lifting too and am slowly creeping back up to where I was before so there is that.  And Snake is loving being my personal trainer and pushing me when I don’t want him to.  And pushing.  And encouraging.  And pushing more.  You get the idea.  [SS: Hey, that’s what I’m here for… pushing.]

Oh, yes, play… I know that’s what everyone is really reading this to hear about.  So…apparently, coming in the cage?  Snake is not [SS: at all] a fan.  Who knew?  I mean, I offered the alternative of not coming and thought it was a reasonable compromise…You just can’t please everyone, I guess.  [SS: Never again.  I hope.  Ouch.]

Anyway, I guess that pretty much catches you up on the news from the Snake Den….at least for now.

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  1. I’m glad you both had fun getting back out on the dance floor. Can’t wait to hear about the burlesque routine!!

    As for having a caged orgasm…MrsL has done that to me once and I have to agree with Steeled Snake…I hope never again!

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