Sinful Sunday #46 — Skinny Dipping

Swimming in the dark is a completely different experience.  Something about the light in the water (or lack of light in the water) and the closeness of the sky… it all comes together for just a completely unique feel to the water and the time in it.

Skinny dipping just ups the ante on that, and adds a whole new dimension… so to speak.



Sinful Sunday

13 Replies to “Sinful Sunday #46 — Skinny Dipping”

  1. This is a beautiful shot – it almost looks like a sonogram! Hope you had loads of fun. I just went skinny dipping in a mountain lake last weekend; it felt quite restorative to be in cold water completely nude.

  2. Beautiful silhouette! Not sure how you captured it, but all of our compliments to you!

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