Red Buns, Staying Put

There are many aspects of This Thing We Do (TTWD) that *seem* really mental or *seem* really physical.  But so many times, it ends up being both.

For me, that’s the case with impact play.  Honestly, I went into it thinking it was a mental “game” – just dealing with it and that I could get past it.  But the physical side of things surprises me every. single. time.

I’m “in training” I suppose – I’ve had times where we warm up and I feel pretty good about my control and response and even love it.  But then the times that come with no warm-up… not my favorite thing.  I’m still working on those times.

This is one of those times.  I feel like I’m slowly getting better, but then I slide backwards sometimes.

And that damn wooden spoon.  I hope it burns in hell some day.  Mostly because it burns LIKE hell when it’s used on me.  I was thankful this wasn’t one of those times.

Still, after not so many smacks, and working to stay put (and get back to the right place), things were pretty rosy.


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  1. Lovely! The effort is the key, I think.

    Being spanked hard with no warmup is a difficult experience that I crave and treasure. (Try it 2 minutes after an orgasm for extra … value.)

    I find that pacing can very much alter how well I can handle it–going slowly and pausing actually makes it worse for me. When it’s swift and relentless, I can surrender to it more easily, though of course it stings a bit.

    Speaking of “stings a bit” my *favorite* wooden spoon is an olive wood number we got at Sur La Table. Dunno whether it’s shape (it’s more spatula than spoon, but does have a slight curve) or wood or finish, but it’s significantly stingier than other spoons.

    1. Yes, pacing definitely matters. I don’t know that I crave and treasure no warmup, but I do those with warmup, but it’s a lot of effort (for her) to get there (for me), I know.

      This spoon is a round spoon with probably a 12″ handle on it. Don’t really know why, but the difference is stark. I still think her favorite implement is the crop.

  2. I wrestle with the same thing. I know I have to learn to lie still and take it, but often I can’t. I agree with Charmer that pacing is the key. When Mrs. Lion’s pace is a bit slower, I am much better at accepting the punishment. We have a big, heavy wooden spoon too, but it isn’t her favorite. She likes more traditional paddles. There is never a warmup for punishment.

    1. I think “Impact game” is just a different word for “impact play.” By Impact Play I mean things like spanking or flogging or those types of things. Things that are based in spanking but have different tools you use. It could be a wooden spoon or a wooden paddle or a flogger or a strap or cat-o-nine tails or a crop, etc. All of those really fall under “impact play.”

      So, if you’ve played with a table tennis paddle, it’s the same thing. That sting, the mix of pain/pleasure, etc. That’s what it’s referring to when you see that phrase or term, “Impact play.”

      I hope that helps!

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