Update….Yup—Still Around

I know the Snake Den has been pretty quiet recently.  There have been pics and the rare post and story, but not the usual stuff.  Muggle life has been keeping us way too busy…

Work… blah, blah, blah… family… blah, blah, blah… miscellaneous nonsense… blah, blah, blah…  You get the picture and it’s boring and the same for everyone so, yeah…

Last weekend we were helping someone move so most of the weekend was heavy lifting, which I did actually enjoy watching.  Snake looks pretty darn good with all of these workouts.  And, yes, *watching*.  He wouldn’t let me carry heavy objects, as in anything more than a tiny box, down the stairs there because they are uneven.  And, you know, I’m a klutz.  So, I packed and unpacked and watched him.  It was a hardship…

I hadn’t tasked him with a longer-term challenge in a while so I decided on Friday that it was time for an edge challenge.  I added up my O’s from the previous week and decided that he needed to edge that many times before the end of Sunday.  He couldn’t start until 5 on Friday and he needed 36.  Of course, the fact that we were around other people most of the weekend made it more fun…

Friday night he was feeling pretty good and knocked out 17.  Saturday night we went out to dinner and dancing.  Fun…and he seemed a big fan of Commando Charmer who had to keep pulling down the skirt.  We got home, played a little, added to my count then he knocked out the other 19.  No problem.  He was feeling good and had finished with a whole day to spare.  Not so fast… *LAUGH*

OH–and a fun fact.  Apparently the cage saved him on Saturday, twice, when one of the boxes slipped and rammed into the cage.  See?  It’s a safety device too.

The next morning, I told him that obviously I had made it too easy so he had 20 or 30 more depending on how the day went.  But I was nice and gave him an extension to Monday night.  We got home late and exhausted and he managed 10, but still pretty well within reach.

Monday morning I told him that it was 10 more that day.  Of course, then in our personal blog, because I was feeling incredibly devious, I changed it again.  Now he had to have 100 completed by Thursday night.  He was sitting at 46 at this point.  He tried really really hard to skim over that part of the post, telling me that he was sure that he had misread it.  But, no.  It really did say 100.

Did I mention too that it’s been since April 8 for him? And he’s not eligible until June 18.  So I’m thinking this challenge is a bit more… challenging than normal.  He just might be keyed up a bit.

Monday night he unlocked and managed 15 more.  They were starting to get really close to ruined and more challenging.  Last night, he got to 15 so his running total is 76.  Two more days to get those last pesky 24.

Unless I change my mind again…. *giggle*

5 thoughts on “Update….Yup—Still Around”

  1. Yikes! Eiren has only ever made me edge a total of, maybe, six or seven times… one hundred?! I’d be going crazy! You can do it Snake!!

    Unless maybe she changes her mind!

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