Ah, Leg Warmers!

I’m a pretty old-fashioned guy on many things – and one of them is leg warmers.  I love them.  Charmer will be the first to tell you that she “used” them as the initial way to get my attention (I believe she said “reel him in”) – it still works to this day.

I’m pretty sure the lingerie is a new addition.  I know I’d remember that too. 🙂


See who else is being sinful – just click the lips below…


Sinful Sunday

23 Replies to “Ah, Leg Warmers!”

  1. OMG I LOVE that bra this image is so sexy and your toe nails are painted to match you are gorgeous very hot!

  2. I can totally see why these caught your attention, leg warmers are sexy as is Charmer, together they are a winning combination


  3. I adore the quirkiness of this post; not able to get the image translated so I’m mindful I’m replying and probably missing the point but, nevertheless the words gave me pleasure

    Thank you

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