Charmer’s Thoughts on the Cage…

Life is interfering with Snake’s blogging… Being a techie nerd, when things fall apart, they tend to take the world with them.  So, he’s busy being brilliant in his real life so I thought that I would write…gasp!

Besides–since he won’t be able to make his deadline on his post, it just gives me lots of delicious opportunities to come up with alternative tasks.  Maybe a story, maybe an extra picture, maybe something completely new. Oh, the ideas running through my head.

Part of me also wonders if I’m going to have people popping in to see what I have to say about MMA or cage fighting…

One of my good online friends, that’s you Southern Belle, asked me to talk a little about my mindset when we first started the chastity.  Let me back it up just a little to right after we started our D/s journey.

I remember the exact first time that we discussed a cage.  I could even tell you the restaurant that we were leaving and who we had met.  We were in Phoenix at the time for a wedding.  It was a Mexican restaurant and I am very fond of their margaritas and had consumed…several.  I’m not the best when it comes to sharing ideas verbally with Snake.  I’m a lot better when I’ve had a few drinks and so the conversation of what kinks we were each interested in started on the way back to the hotel.  I mentioned that I had seen the cages and I thought it might be something fun to play with and dropped it.

We stopped for more alcohol, we were kid-free, and went back to the hotel.  We spent the entire night playing and talking.  Snake admitted that he had seen the cages and they looked interesting to him too.  This was early December 2013.  He started researching the options as soon as we were home and ordered the first one in the beginning of 2014.

Now, remember, the original idea was “something to play with…”  Snake had decided on a cb6000s because it looked like he could wear it for extended periods of time for play.  Well, being who we are, the play turned into 24/7.  We’ve never met a situation that we didn’t want to completely jump into.  What is the saying… In for a penny, in for a pound?  That’s us…

The idea started off as intriguing.  I could tease him and he couldn’t do anything about it.  It made my Domme side pretty happy.  It started with a few hours of play.  Then it got pushed to wearing it to work one day.  Then, well, it’s already on so just sleep in it…on to a whole weekend.  You can see where this is going.

Snake started wearing the cage 24/7 and the original cage wasn’t made for that.  It split twice and we decided that it was time to upgrade to steel.  Amazingly, his twitter handle and this blog name appeared at the same time….

We had read all of the posts about how things change when the guy starts wearing a cage.  Honestly?  We didn’t think that anything would change.  We didn’t go into this anticipating anything long term.  It was just a kink to use at times.  Until it really wasn’t temporary.  Snake liked the constant reminder of “us.”  (Don’t you love how I’m speaking for him?)  It really started pushing our fledgling D/s relationship into more.

So, my mindset?  At the very beginning, it was a lark.  We would lock him up at times and I would tease him and then life would go back to normal.  I didn’t really think that it would become a full-time thing.  Looking back to where we started I’m really surprised at the changes that it has made.  It really was a gradual change but I’m pretty sure that I speak for both of us when I say that we wouldn’t go back.

After meandering on for almost 700 words now…did I answer the question?  Let me know…and I need more topics–PLEASE!  🙂

15 Replies to “Charmer’s Thoughts on the Cage…”

  1. Ok so I may have screeched, you know typical me 😉 And yes you totally answered my question! This was fabulous!

  2. Thank you for the post.

    From my pespective I like to read about the experience of others in the ‘benefits’ and ‘changes’ that result from using a cage. Certainly in my experience where you end up when you introduce new things into the dynamic is rarely where you thought it would be when it was first considered.

  3. Certainly looking forward to part 2: what changed 🙂 ?
    Takes a lot of commitment to shift to 24/7 as opposed to larking around so I wonder what made this ‘stick’ and have there been things you tried but didn’t commit to in the same way?

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