Sinful Sunday #26 — Thursday Nights

As you might have noticed from our tweets, Snake and I spend a lot of nights at the dance studio either with lessons or practicing.  And on a lot of our *off* nights, we have an adult daughter who likes to come here and drink our alcohol…

Thursday night is always our night alone.  A little wine and a nice body rub is heaven…


See who else is being sinful – click the lips below…

Sinful Sunday

23 Replies to “Sinful Sunday #26 — Thursday Nights”

  1. Excellent – it’s so important to have time to unwind and just enjoy each other’s company and bodies. The filter / focus in this shot is really lovely.

  2. Can’t we trade Thursdays? Thursday here is a bath night for the 4yo and the 18mo old. A glass of wine and body rub down sound amazing. And you look very relaxed.

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