Sinful Sunday #12 — A Clean Shot

At least for us, one of the perks of staying in a nice hotel is the gorgeous bathroom.  This one has a huge tub that actually accommodates my 6’4″ Snake and myself along with a separate shower.  And, while I love my house and my own tub, it isn’t nearly as fancy as this.

Part of the fun is leaving the doors to the bathroom open so I can do a little teasing while I clean up…before we get dirty again.


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35 Replies to “Sinful Sunday #12 — A Clean Shot”

  1. My favorite part of hotel rooms is almost always the bathroom showers. So much nicer than mine. Great photo. Hope you had a great time over your hotel stay.

    1. I took it from above, the shower door got less transparent going away from the camera and picked up more and more reflection. I love that it looks like a double exposure, but is a single shot. Love how it came out. Thanks for the comment!

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