Vegas Day 1…Can I?

Sitting here and waiting for breakfast to arrive while looking out at the Vegas strip.  This has always been one of our favorite places to visit.  When we were in college, it was only a five hour drive so we would come early Friday morning and go back on Sunday a few times a year.  Of course, that was when we stayed in the $29 per night more-than-a-little-scary motels.

We also spent our honeymoon here when we were young and poor.  We stayed at Circus Circus (yes, the giant pink one) but because it was our honeymoon, they put us on the top floor.  It was a wonderful honeymoon, but I have to say that I really don’t miss the circus décor…

Since then, I’m sure that we’ve been here at least once a year and we try for at least twice.  It’s just an hour plane trip from home so it’s easy to take a long weekend and just relax.  We usually stay at Mandalay Bay because we love the rooms and it’s away from the mess of the strip if we don’t want to be part of it.  And the pool/beach is amazing.  Just my little recommendation…

Yesterday our flight was on time, all of our luggage arrived (and the bag with the sex toys had the mandatory inspection tag inside), only had to wait in the taxi line for a few minutes and our room was ready when we got here.  Perfect start…  We went to the Irish pub that is close that has become our traditional first day in Vegas lunch.  Brown bread, potato soup, whiskey…

We wandered around to a couple of casinos and played a bit.  We love these new games that have these huge screens above them and bonus games.  It might be the games themselves, the loud music that usually plays or maybe it’s the vibrating chairs.  Who knows?

We went to dinner at an Italian place that we like.  By this time, we had had several drinks and I was teasing the hell out of him.  He forgot his cage so that just gives me so much more “leverage” to tease him. [Snake: What she really means is that she’s taking advantage and making sure, um, well, er, that the whole world knows she’s messing with me.  I had forgotten that one aspect of the protective cage; you can’t outwardly see evidence of teasing at more public times.  Without the cage, she is making a point of seeing how far and how clear she can make it.]  We were standing in line to be seated and he was behind me.  I put my hands behind my back and proceeded to rub….

We were seated next to a large table that is separated from the rest by a half wall.  A few minutes after we were seated, what we assume was a bachelorette party came in.  The only reason that I mention this is that after they started getting shots and such, I realized that there was a bust of the Pope in a glass case sitting in the middle of the table.  OK, a little strange, but.  Then, we realized that it was on a lazy Susan so as people moved it to get to different appetizers, the Pope was spinning around.  Not trying to offend anyone, but Spin the Pope?  What was the restaurant thinking?

We played some different machines a little while longer and then I decided that I wanted a bath so we headed back.

The tub in these rooms in large enough for at least three of me and you all know how much I enjoy my baths.  Snake started the bath and went down to get us a couple of drinks.  He got into the tub for a little while with me (yes, it really is a big tub), but apparently he got bored just looking at me… [Snake: Not at all.  I was fidgeting so much from sitting in the tub that I was starting to bug her – HOW do people take these long baths??]  He got out and I soaked for a while longer.

After I got out, he had finished his drink so I sent him down to get another.  While he was gone, I sent him a picture of what I had put on while he was gone.  Of course, the dork didn’t look at his phone so he got a surprise when he walked in.  🙂

I proceeded to tease him while we watched some TV.  He was getting pretty riled up.  Silly boy.  I got on him and proceeded to ride him for a few O’s.  I could tell that he was getting close and decided to tease some more.  I brought him right to the edge, he asked permission and I said no.  I could see the wheels turning.  Oh, she just wants more.  I came a few more times and brought him to the edge again.  Can I?  No.

All this time, I have been keeping my eyes locked on his.  If Snake has one thing that turns him on, it’s my eyes.  Always has been.  I started moving again and brought him to the edge again.  He asked again–can I?  No.  You aren’t coming tonight.  He whimpered but I think that he was still holding out hope.  I continued to watch him and came a few more times on him.  I could tell that he was right there again.  I pushed just a little and he asked again.  Can I?  NO…  But why?  [Snake: OK.  Let’s be real.  At this point I was bordering on begging, whimpering, growling, etc.  She was relentless and kept saying no.  More on this in a follow-on post.]  Because I like you like this and you like you this way…

So, this morning, he very kindly gave me something like 21 more orgasms.  And apparently he was dripping on the sheets.  Before I went to get my shower, he told me that he had just had 21 O’s.  See?  Just the way that I want him….

2 Replies to “Vegas Day 1…Can I?”

  1. Haha ok I love the whole things could be noticeable in public thing! We do that sometimes where I make him go to the bathroom to stroke and edge and then walk back through the restaurant with his big cock tucked in his waistband. I love watching the look on his face as he hopes no one notices.

    We are not about full public humiliation, we like to call it private public humiliation hehe

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys!

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