Sinful Sunday #10 — Being Pampered

When we saw the theme for October was Simple Pleasures, Snake immediately knew that he wanted this picture.  He started doing my pedicures back when I was pregnant with our son.  In other words, an eon ago.  🙂   One day he was watching me getting frustrated because I couldn’t reach my toes.  He offered to take care of it to be nice–and probably avoid another meltdown.

Since then, Snake has always done my pedicures.  The kids laughed at us when they were growing up, but it has always been one of the sweetest ways that he takes care of me.  And it’s even better now that I get the pampering from a naked man!


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23 Replies to “Sinful Sunday #10 — Being Pampered”

  1. “Naked pedicures!”. What a lovely story to go with. Renee and I relish the few mornings we can enjoy naked coffee when her daughter is away.

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