Of Rulings, War Games, Orgasms and Denial

I had started formulating this post in my head while I was in the shower this morning.  It was going to start with lots of silly sexy thoughts and images from yesterday.  And I will get to those.  But first…

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that an incredibly important ruling came down from the Supreme Court of the United States today.  I am not going to go into the legalities because you can read those anywhere.  I want to share why this is so important to me.

I had a friend in high school who was bisexual.  This was long before any serious gay marriage debate started because I’m as old as dirt.  🙂  He and I were very close friends and I was one of the few people who he felt comfortable discussing his sexuality with.  One day he told me that he really needed to “choose” to be in relationships with girls because he wanted to get married someday and that was his only option.  I told him, probably not very helpfully since I was only 17, that I wanted him to be with someone who made him happy.  Not to choose by societal rules, but to choose for love.  Easy words to say, but so much more difficult for him to live.

I remember going home that night and talking to my parents about it.  I was always very lucky to have parents that I could discuss things with and they were just accepting people.  I’m not sure that it helped other than to have them tell me that hopefully in my lifetime things might change.

Fast forward about 20 years or so.  Our daughter identifies herself as queer.  She has been open about her sexual orientation since early middle school.  She dated boys and girls throughout school and, as an adult, has had serious relationships with men and women.  About two years ago she was dating a man and I basically had the same conversation with her as I had had in high school.  She said it was nice to be in a relationship where no one looked at her funny and she could marry him if it got to that point.  What do you say to your child in a situation like that?  I told her that I hoped that when she got to the point where she wanted to marry someone that it wouldn’t be an issue.

And this morning–I got to tell our daughter that it isn’t an issue.  I got to hear from her that she could marry anyone that she wanted.  There were tears and joy.  Love won.

Change of subject…

Yesterday morning, Snake was leaving for work and teasing me about what we would do since our daughter wasn’t planning coming over for dinner.  He said since it had only been a couple of days since we last played, I probably couldn’t handle any more.  I reminded him that it had been four days since I last came so I thought he just better get ready for some work.  🙂

Of course, plans always change and she ended up coming over for dinner, but she left early.  I was chatting on Twitter and a conversation about margaritas and bad decisions made me crave a margarita.  And bad decisions.  Luckily I have someone here who makes good margaritas and fully supports all of my bad decisions.  More tweeting and my online friends decided they should start taking a poll to decide what I should do last night.  I think the final determination was “global thermo-nuclear butt stuff.”  As you might be able to tell, War Games was discussed and we are an odd bunch.

Snake was all prepared with our sex blanket–one of our best purchases ever–and I told him to go unlock.  He looked surprised since he knew that I wasn’t planning on letting him come yet and I teasingly told him that if he didn’t want to…  He told me that it was my decision.  I love that.  There is something so amazingly hot about this man who gives me this power.  He unlocked and waited until I told him to lie down on the bed.  I climbed on him and slowly sank down.

Snake has always told me that he thinks I have sexy eyes.  Last night, we just looked at each other.  We were probably only a few inches apart and just looked.  There is something so intimate about that eye contact when you are completely connected.  It was so tantric.  We just connected and moved together.

For anyone who has been reading us at all, you know that Snake got a PA piercing several months ago.  He has slowly been moving up through the gauges and is now at 4.  He still has the 2 and 0 but is waiting for it to adjust.  I definitely wanted him to get it, but mostly because I liked the look of it.  I still love the look of it, but now that he has the larger ring?  I REALLY like the feel of it too.  I love feeling it move around as he moves.  Not to put too fine of a point on it, but damn!

I proceeded to ride him for over an hour.  I love the control that he has over his orgasms.  He only made me stop briefly once in all of that time.  And while it wasn’t an overall record number of orgasms for me, it was a record number while he was inside me.  15.  Did I mention, damn?!!?  Some with the wand in addition to him, some without and just him.  Some when he was super deep inside.  Some while he was moving, some when he wasn’t.  All different and amazing.

And, then?  My evil Domme heart just sang when I looked him in the eye and told him, “I love it when you don’t come.”  I climbed off of him and just grinned.  Locked up again for the next time…

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