Heads or Tails?

Welcome to that land of nothing that happens here, leaves here. Ah yes. I usually am braced to see what happens – so many unexpected things, from the sexy to the musical to the foodie side of things.

“Do you have our coin? The one I gave you for travel,” she asks pointedly.

“Yes, yes I do,” I say. I pull it out of my suitcase and hand it to her, all shiny.

“Ah, thanks.”

She walks away.

“Um, what’s up?” I ask.

round gray coin
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“So, here’s the thing. When we leave to wander and goof around, I’ll tell you the toy you must take. That’s ‘Tails’. ‘Heads’ is a random edge challenge.”

Oh, this sounds fun. “But… “when we leave to wander…” – huh? How does that work?”

“I’ll flip. At any time. Whenever I want. As often, or as not-very-often as I like. You stop, then and there and head to a private place, and do what I say. Reporting back, of course. “

You look at me, grin, spin on your heels, and walk away with the coin. “Now, let’s get unpacked and see what mischief we can get up to.” I guess this conversation is over.

As we get ready to leave, you had me the nipple clamps. “These will fit nicely in your pocket. When we flip for tails, you take these and head to a stall or whatever. Private. Just to yourself. You text me “here” and I’ll text you back a number. That’s the number of minutes you leave them on, then return. Of course, the first time might not be a big deal, but after a few, I think it might start to be a little… sensitive. How cool is that?!”

“And heads?” I ask…

“Find a quiet, private spot. Text me, I’ll give you a number. Could be 0. Could more. Those are the edges you get to do. Right then and there. Now, here’s the thing. I reserve the right to send you right back out without a flip. If I do that, I expect you to get me a picture when you get to privacy – a picture showing you are back hard again. See, this is how I’ll know if you took it too far. And I WILL know. If you’re not ready quickly, it’s going to be a very, very uncomfortable evening, and what’s more, I’ll be very disappointed in you.”

As we wander, find a spot to grab a drink and people watch, you pull out the coin and look at me with that grin in your eyes.

You flip.


I look around for the nearest facilities, knowing that these places have massive restrooms with huge, high-walled stalls… easy location. I head out.

I get there, pause, and text you. “Easy one to start,” you text back, “4.” I attach them, feel that rush of OUCH, and breathe through it. I set my timer on my phone, feeling both pain and adrenaline. I watch the seconds count down. I remove the clamps, stifling the yelp as they come off. It always amazes me that it hurts as much coming off as going on… “OMW” I text. You text back a heart.

I sit down and you have this grin – and just start chatting away about the people around us, the things happening, the stories that are unfolding.

After an hour or so, you stop while we are walking about, and pause. Without saying a word, you flip the coin, “Tails.” you say. “Damn. Not mixing it up very much… But, off with you…”

I get settled, text, and you text back a 7 this time.

As soon as I get them on, realize that things are more ouchy, that initial rush of needles through my chest is just a bit more intense. A bit more… more. With the timer ticking away, I’m actually dreading what’s coming. I know it’s going to hurt more too…

It does.

I take one, then the other off – knowing that it’s best to just do it, not think about it. It occurs to me that I could just grab the chain and pull quickly to get them off. But that flashes through, and out of my brain, as I realize it’s those clamps that *tighten* when pulled.

I text you back, head out and find you. I feel like I’m starting to feel every inch of the inside of my shirt or at least every inch in that area… Feels like the fabric is made of fine sandpaper a bit.

As soon as I sit down, you pull out the coin and flip it. Heads. “Ah, that’s better … variety. Cya!”

I walk off, text, and get back a 2. This is bizarre, it’s nerve-wracking. I imagine you sitting there, playing, and grinning because you just love making me uncomfortable in these ways and pushing buttons, and playing edgy (pardon the pun) games. When I get to 2 edges, I text back and head out.

As I walk up, you make a show of looking me up and down, assessing. “You’re lucky… I think I can trust you this time…”

We pick up our conversation, exactly where we left off. Like nothing happened. We have the best time, exploring the location, seeing people, playing games, getting drinks, just chilling. It’s great fun.

Later, you pull out the coin again “One more.. ya know, for the road…”

You flip.


“Ah yes. Weird patterns. Let’s check this thing and make sure it’s working correctly!”

You flip again.


“Good! Both!” You wave me off, over my objections.

When I text, you text back 2 and a message that says “and leave them on. We’re heading back.”

Well shit.

When I walk back up to you, you kiss me, pulling me into you and I can feel the clamps between us. “Well, this is nice, isn’t it Snake?”

“Let’s wander back, don’t you think?”

I know, I just know, that this is going to be a rough de-coupling of them when we finally get back. But you take my hand, start chatting at me again about nothing and everything and we laugh our way back. In the elevator, you kiss me and feel for the chain – and find it. Slowly tugging more and more snuggly on it. The doors up on our floor and you release and we head back to our room…

Well… this’ll be an interesting evening for sure…

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