There’s a Remote Chance…

“Do me a favor, please?” She says, turning to me randomly while we’re watching a show. “Of course!” I say.

“Could you please start and get my coffee ready, and Irish Coffee please, and start my bath water and come back and let me know when it’ll be ready?”

Weird way to ask, but sure. “Of course!” I get the water going, and get the bath started with a towel out and bath oils in. Weird timing, but other than that, I’m not thinking anything of it.

“Should be good to go in a few minutes…” I say, returning. I start to sit down, but she looks at me with this strange look. I stop. “What’s up?” I say.

“I’m going to need you naked with cuffs and collar on, please. Then return here.

I pause. “Now,” is all she says. And she goes back to watching the show.

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When I come back, she checks my cuffs and collar and tells me to kneel before her. I do and I wait.

“We’re going to do a little experiment,” she says. “You’re going to be tortured a bit, well, actually, quite a lot. If you can outlast my bath, you get to have an orgasm tonight, and the 2 days of the coming week of your choosing, any way you like. If not, you get punishment tonight, and if you recall, everyone always talks about how much less fun punishment is for you, at least, after, rather than before, an orgasm. So, resist, my friend. “

“Get the straps out on the bed. Even the side ones for your knees. I also want you to have headphones on, fairly loud with music, and a blindfold or your hood, whichever is more confining. Get out the clamps, please. and the bondage tape. You’re to affix the remote control toy to yourself with the tape and get as many of the straps attached as possible, along with the eye coverings and music. Call me and I’ll come to attach anything you can’t reach. I expect ankles, knees, and wrists. I’ll put on the clamps, of course.”

I pause, taking it all in. It’s a lot of input. And it’s the first time playing with the remote control toy.

“The toy will be on for the duration of the bath, doing whatever I tell it. Before you go back, I want you to create a saved pattern for me that is up and down erratically and can be repeated. Save it under “yes mistress” and show me it in the app.

“Now, please,” she says.

As I walk away, she says “No matter what, it’s going to be going for the duration of my bath, make it good… and I just can’t WAIT to take those clamps off after the bath… Call me when you are ready for me to finish your restraints.”

I pause. I hadn’t considered that, that’s going to be … ouchy, to put it lightly. But I’m more concerned about the toy, my time trying not to cum, and what happens if I fail.

I get everything out on the bed and consider the tape and toy. I figure out a plan to attach it and hold it in place. It may not be pretty, but it’ll be solid. I climb on the bed, attach my ankles, and tape the gargantuan toy onto me, made easier by my raging erection. It looks weird, for sure, but it should do the job. So to speak.

I attach my knees, lay the clamps on the bed, turn on the music and let her know I’m ready for her in 60 seconds. I pull on the hood, regretting the choice already, realizing how confining it is. I don’t have time to change my mind, so I put on the headphones and will myself to try to not fight the restraints and the hood and all of it. It’s a lot of constriction, I never experienced the weird effect of it all at once before.

I lay there for a few seconds and feel her hands on my body, running up and down my legs. All I can hear is music. All I can feel is her touch.

She pulls my other hand tight, attaching it. then re-tightens all of the other connection points. Tighter than usual, I’m stretched pretty well in all of this.

Then nothing.

I feel her hand on my chest, my nipple, pinching it firmly, playing with me. Then the clamp bites into my mind, my chest. I try to breathe through it, get my head in the game. Just as I start to, I feel her on the other side, but this time, she’s biting me, softly at first, and now not so softly. She stops for a flash and the clamp bites into me on that side now. I feel that rush of electricity between the sides…

I can feel her get up off the bed, then feel the toy moving slightly. I think she’s testing it, making sure it’s attached well. I feel it start to move around me, feel it mixing suction and moving up and down me. And it stops.

Then nothing.

For what seems like a few minutes, there’s nothing. Just music. Then a sudden yank on the chains, then an ongoing tug that holds for a few seconds, then releases. Holds, then releases.

There’s a break and the toy starts up. Slowly at first, up, down, squeezing, this strange pattern on me. It might be the pattern I programmed, but hard to tell. I have no sense that she’s even in the room, and I know she was eager to get her bath, so I assume I’m all alone.

But that toy. It goes through this weird rhythm, surely the pattern, over and over. Each series seems like it lasts about a minute or so, but then repeats. I can tell I’m going to have a very, very hard time managing this. At the same time, I’m terrified of the consequences if I blow it.

As the toy continues on, I start to sink into it, start to feel that feeling of no control approaching. Weirdly, many times I get close then it pauses, but then restarts right away.

I’m trying to concentrate on the music. On the pain from the clamps. Anything.

But the toy marches on.

I am quickly becoming aware of the absolute darkness from the hood, the confinement, the music, the toy, my cock betraying me, and my immobility. It’s this weird disconnect but all at the same time, too.

After a time, I’m not sure how long, the toy breaks the pattern. It gets more random, more toward the upper end of action, with no breaks, it seems like it ramps up… up… up… holds it there, starts to drop off a little, and then back up. I know I won’t be able to hold off much if this continues. It’s just too much, from all different angles, at once.

I can feel myself racing toward cumming, but then just as I get close, the toy stops. Waits for a beat, then starts again. I race to the orgasm again, now nearly out of control, and it stops, waits, and starts again. I didn’t realize the toy had such smarts, or that she was guessing so well on timing from her bath.

There’s a pause, I feel something at the toy, moving it. Removing it. I had no idea she was in the room. My cock, dancing in the air, frustrated, I feel the bed move, then slowly feel her descend on me, around me… And then not move.

I feel myself twitching inside her. She lays on my chest, tweaking the chains a bit, but then lifts the headphones. “For the record, this still counts as bathtime. No cumming until I say. And, of course, with the headphones on, who knows if you’d even hear me say it was ok. What a shame…”

She stays there, still for a bit, then gyrating on me. Slowly.

It’s killing me. She’s edging me with her body, and I know, I just know this is not a test I’ll pass. I can feel my insides betraying me. I can feel those contractions starting inside me. This happens again and again, but each time I get closer and closer, she goes after the chains attached to my chest, – the pain blocks what my mind cannot.

I can’t hear her, but I just know she’s laughing at playing this faceless, sexually tortured creature beneath her.

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