Snake is always a bit cautious when I bring out a die and tell him to roll it. Sunday morning I did and got back, “Why?”

Of course, my answer was “because I said so.” I don’t even know at times why he bothers to ask.

[Snake: Seriously. I think a given game tends to get more out there if I ask, someday I’ll maybe learn to just shut up and go with it. Probably not, I guess.]

I used a d8 because I could. He was lucky I didn’t go for a higher one, to be honest. He rolled a zero first which wasn’t going to work, and then a 7.

The task? Seven edges for Snake per hour for 10 hours. I would do half and he’d have to do half of them himself. Yes, I’m evil. He particularly dislikes having me watch him.

[Snake: So uncomfortable…]

Yes, workouts and such still had to happen. A couple of hours he made it with a few seconds to spare. Other hours he was proactive and done with plenty of time. There was a prize if he accomplished it or a punishment if he didn’t do all 70 or had a ruined or full O.

[Snake: of course, no indication of what the prize is. I swear, this pushes HER buttons – to make it up along the way – start with a framework, then tweak it for whatever is fun in the moment… mixing in an evil laugh or two.]

As luck would have it, I had the final hour. I know he wasn’t counting them at this point. He simply didn’t want to screw it up on the last set. He finished number seven and I used his lack of awareness to make him think that he wasn’t finished yet.

[Snake: Valid. I had no idea. Thought it wasn’t done yet… OMG All I remember is “stop stop stop stop stop…”]

His prize? An O, of course. He was a wee bit concerned that I was trying to make him lose…Now I wouldn’t do that, right? [Snake: In a heartbeat] I mean, not often.

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