They were standing on the deck of the ship and watching the sunset over the ocean. It was crystal clear except for the slight waves caused by the ship itself.

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The trip had been a last-minute rush for the dock. They had gotten an offer that was too good to pass up when they had a long weekend and no plans.

He slipped his arm around her, pulling her close and kissing her hair. “I think we should just sell everything and buy a boat. Do this every day.”

She laughed. “Of course. We’ll hire the staff too, right? It’s not exactly the same when you are the one in charge of everything. And do you have any idea how expensive that would be–and would we live on just fish?”

He sighed. “You have to be practical. Fine. How about we plan to do this more often and keep our place and our jobs?”

She nodded. “That, my love, is a perfect compromise.” She reached up to kiss him just as the sun sank below the horizon.

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