Yes, Snake sang the song a lot…

We just got back from a wonderful trip and our first stop was a trip to Panama City. We were only there for one whole day but it was wonderful!

Our room was gorgeous and then we went on a tour and saw monkeys and sloths. And, oh, by the way, our little boat was in the Panama Canal! The entire time was wonderful. We worked on our Spanish speaking a little, met some great people and we definitely want to go back again to see more.

It was definitely an mmm-worthy day!

4 thoughts on “Panama”

  1. You guys!!!!! This looks like such an amazing trp. I saw your image of the canal gates on Twitter and just love that you’ve shared your trip with me 🙂
    I’ve never been to central America, but hope to go one day. And also use my rusty spanish 😉

    1. You’ll probably get to see several more days of the trip–it was so fun! And our rusty Spanish was definitely rusty.

  2. Sloths!


    ! ! ! ! !

    I have never previously considered Panama for a vacation. But maybe I should.

    Because SLOTHS!

    I must research now. How to say “sloth” in Spanish…

    1. I’m not going to lie–when I found out there was a sloth sanctuary in Panama City, I was so excited! I could have stood there and watched them for hours.

      And they are really hard to see in the wild.

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