B is for Bridge

As I thumb lazily through a magazine, a photo catches my attention. Folding the page back, I show it to you. “Remember that weekend?”

Photo by Kyle Karbowski: at Pexels.com

You look up from your book. “San Fran. Yes, that was a great weekend.”

“The bridge looked almost exactly like that when we ran into that pub to get out of the rain.”

“That place had the best pretzels and cheese. And beer. And burgers.”

She laughed. “The rain wouldn’t let up so we stayed there for so long. It was a good thing that it was so close to the hotel after all of the beer we drank.”

“I think it was good that it was so close to the hotel because of how horny we got from all of the beer that we drank.”

“That too…we should go back. Soon.”

(136 words)

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