P is for PNW

We’ve spent the last few days in Portland and today we are headed to Vegas (yay!) Just a few pictures from our trip…

For the record, we have no idea what the first plant is, but those fruit look like alien spaceships or strange little characters from a graphic novel. I loved the fern and this is a small pond just off the Columbia River.

What’s the mmm? Seventy-degree weather when it is over 100 at home. That’s pretty mmm-worthy…


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  1. In UK we have something called ‘rosehip’ which is the ‘fruit’ left behind after a variety of rose has flowered and the petals fall off. That is what the first picture makes me think of, although the scale is a lot larger than a rosehip I’m guessing.

    We’ve got very high temperatures here at the moment, a dangerous heat warning for today and tomorrow, so cool places are definitely mmm!

    Enjoy your vacation – look forward to hearing about Vegas too.

    1. That was my first thought except it doesn’t look like a rose plant.

      I saw that. Stay inside and hydrated!

  2. Looks like wild rose, native to northern US and Southern Canada, but the leaves tell me it is a memeber of the prunus family, meaning the plum family. Perhaps a cherry plum….
    That fern is actually a Horsetail scouring spurge. A neat plant that cleans the soil of nitrogen build-up and disappears once the soil is healthy again. I tried to plant them in my yard, but learned that when the sol is right, they can’t thrive 🙁
    I love your images (as you can tell, plants are my jam!)

    Can’t wait to see what Vegas has in store!

    1. That makes sense. I was pretty sure that it wasn’t a rose because I have a lot of them. Plum makes more sense.

      And I was reading about the ferns on the signs where we were. I can’t help reading trail signs 🤣

    1. I’ve heard that but I think it’s too big. I think it’s a fruit, someone said plum. It looks similar to our pomegranates when they start to grow

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