S is for Solstice

Yesterday was Summer Solstice. It’s the “official” start of the summer season even though we’ve been having summer weather for over a month here.

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In Colorado, where I grew up, there was always something magical about summer. The snow was fun and we spent time in the mountains all year. But summer…

It was the time when things slowed down and there was time for trips and reading. Lots of reading. School was out and it was time to go outside, right?

Nope. I loved spending my summers on the bed, couch or chair reading. It drove my extroverted mother crazy that I didn’t want to go outside and socialize, but I was happy going through the stacks of books that I would get each week from the library.

We’d go on road trips and I’d read. I still do, for the record. Summer for me is the time to savor the quiet and enjoy what makes you feel happy and content.

The great gift of the energy of the Summer Solstice is that it’s designed to move you from one phase to the next on your terms.

Deborah King
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4 Replies to “S is for Solstice”

  1. Summer meant library trips and extensive reading when I was a kid. These days, the reading continues, but I’m less fond of libraries. Book stores, on the other hand — these, I love! (I’ve also discovered an online bookstore that I adore — ThriftBooks — and am currently waiting {im}patiently for my most recent order to arrive.)

    1. 🤣 🤣

      It depends. I use the library for book club books that I wouldn’t otherwise buy but I do tend to buy more often

  2. I normally work all through our summer holiday, and am happy with the warm weather is over, but I always acknowledge summer solstice, as the days get shorter again, and we head to my favorite season: autumn!
    ~ Marie xox

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