Was it Something I Said?

He got the text to unlock and put down the blanket while I was in the tub. Of course, I hadn’t given him any indication that it was a play night earlier.

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I came into the bedroom as he was exiting the bathroom. “You snuck in,” he said.

“No, I didn’t. I walked in.”

He shook his head at me while I closed and locked the door. “What do you want to watch?” I picked a cooking show for background noise that I didn’t care about and pointed to the bed.

He laid down. “Lube.”

He reached under the bed and handed it to me. I, being me, dripped cold lube on his cock and laughed at the “Cold,” response.

As he settled back into the pillows, I started stroking. One edge, followed by two and three. I pondered how many to go and whether I would actually let him cum or just ruin it. Decisions, decisions.

Four, five, six, seven and eight came in quick succession. Nine was getting dicey–I could tell he was close to falling over. Ten. Then on eleven, I let him cum. I don’t think he realized that he didn’t ask permission–that’s going to be a punishment for later.

As we settled down for sleep later, he asked, “Was it something I said? Or did?”


“I just thought if it was, I wanted to know so I could do it again.”

Oh, Snake…you should know me better than that.

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