T is for Tick Tock

This is part 2 of A is for Appointment. You can read it here.

The commute to work had been a blur. He’d almost missed the first train because he was running late. His mind had been racing with thoughts of tonight and he ended up missing his stop and having to walk back to the office from the next one.

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When he had gone in to take his shower, the props were conspicuously missing. After he had dried her off, he had left the bathroom. Paige had come out looking like she did every other morning, gave him a quick kiss, and told him to enjoy his shower. Had he imagined the whole thing?

He cut himself shaving and cursing, grabbed a tissue, and waited for it to stop bleeding. He was running late enough that she had called back to the bedroom to make sure he was okay.

He guzzled his coffee, burning his tongue, and grabbed a protein bar to eat on the train. He had convinced himself that the stool and rope hadn’t been there and then she spoke.

“I’m heading out early. Make sure you have dinner waiting for me tonight. I’d like my usual from Antonio’s. And don’t forget to let the wine breathe.”

“Yes, Mistress.” That had definitely been Lady Lyla and not Paige.

“Good boy,” she said as she kissed the top of his shoulder. “I’ll see you tonight.”

Was it any wonder that he had almost missed the train? His mind was racing and he was working hard to think the most unsexy thoughts possible to get some control over his cock. It was ready to go.

He looked up at the clock. It wasn’t even lunchtime yet. It seemed like time was dragging and then jumping ahead in chunks. He wasn’t sure where the past half hour had gone, but it was time to get this email finished. His mind kept drifting back to the morning.

What had he said in his sleep?

He realized that he had just typed that into the email. Quickly backspacing, he reread the rest of it. This had to be right and comments about his personal life definitely would not make the right impression. With a huge effort, he got all of the information necessary included and it sounded professional and assertive.

He leaned back to stretch and his phone pinged. He looked down to see a message from Paige.

My favorite store is having a sale. Go get me this bra and panties in my size over your lunch hour. No excuses.

Fuck. Hard as a rock again. He looked at the clock. Still, at least six hours to go. He adjusted his pants and got ready to leave.

“Lunch plans?” his admin asked as he passed by.

He nodded and realized that he was blushing. “Just a couple of errands. I’ll be back soon.”

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