(Don’t) Open Your Eyes…

I’m breathing in these quick, short breaths now. My insides are twitching. My body is starting to shudder.

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Your hand on me, slowly, quickly, firm, then very light, then firm again, is making me crazy. I keep seeing these flashes of white scream across my vision.

I start to alternate between gasping for air and holding my breath. Grasping at control, trying to push off the inevitable. I don’t want to give you the satisfaction of driving me there, I want to show that I control it.

You’re having none of that. You know my buttons. You know exactly what to do. You grab my firmly at the base and slowly, mind-numbingly slowly, your lips slide down me, pause, then retreat, back up my shaft. I feel every centimeter of your mouth on me. I feel the warmth, the constriction around me.

You start to speed up, ever so slowly., Hand leading your mouth….

My eyes roll back a bit, my head back. I close my eyes, giving in.

You see me do this, keep going with your hand for just a moment and whisper… “Don’t Open Your Eyes. If you do, I stop.”

It’s always something. Some twist.

I feel your mouth sink around me, slowly, agonizingly slowly, again.

I can feel my insides doing this flip-flop thing. I feel my cock pulse against your grip. I feel you moving ever so slightly, a little faster.

I feel myself losing it. Losing control. Racing forward.

“Can I cum??” I blurt out, hoping for an OK. “Yes, you may,” you tell me.

You’re in this rhythm now, up, down, squeezing, twisting….

I feel a surge of energy and sit up slightly to look at you, to watch you, to see your eyes.

….and I realize in a heartbeat what I’ve done.

Instantly you stop.

My insides flip and flop. The aggravation roars through me. I know you had precisely this in mind.

I know this, because you’re sitting there, licking your lips… and smiling.

“Or not… ” you say, grinning.

Erotic Fiction

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