S is for Snake

So, yes, we dance and perform. That’s nothing that anyone who has read the blog for a while will not know.

14. Quarter Snake from Basic Dip - YouTube

We are currently working on a routine using a song that we had done originally as newly dancing people. It had some fun tricks and we loved it, but we decided that we needed to update it. Make it a little more challenging.

This is for May 7th. Plenty of time, right? We started working on it in January. It’s only 2 1/2 minutes and we are using pieces from the original routine.

What’s the big deal? First, it’s crazy fast. Second, we are doing 4 different styles of dance in the routine. That’s on top of the “theatre arts” pieces that go with a solo performance. You know, those lifts and drops and tricks? What types? Rumba, West Coast Swing, Tango and Paso Doble.

OK, Charmer, you named the post Snake. What’s with that?

Snake, you ask? Oh, that’s the name of the final move. From a Babydoll lift (think carrying over the threshold), he sends me down, through his legs and I slide around to the outside of his leg. See above photo for what this is supposed to look like…

It’s us. We love the name of the move. And we will get it–maybe even by May 7th. But let’s just say that the process is rough. I’ve landed flat on my feet too many times to count, I’ve gone straight back instead of around. A couple of times, Snake lost his balance and landed on his knees over me. The words, “Why did you do that?” have been muttered numerous times.

It’s a good thing that we have an excellent sense of humor while we dance. And as for the talent piece? We’ll call it tenacity.

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7 Replies to “S is for Snake”

  1. I know i say it every time but i just love that you guys dance. Wish u luck learning the dance and please write about it lots. I can so imagine u two dancing!
    May x

  2. “Why did you do that???” *laughing*

    I’m afraid I’m more like, “No No, you’re doing it wrong!” when Mr F and I have tried fancy dancing. 😉

    Good luck with your new moves.

  3. I give you props for dancing. I have two left feet and if I ever tried that move, I’d probably break my face and back and maybe a few ribs and my legs haha. Good luck! Hopefully, you nail it before May 7th.

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