P is for Puzzle

“Want to help me with the puzzle?” she asked as he walked past the dining room.

jigsaw puzzle
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

“A puzzle? Are we 5? How about a video game instead?”

Her face fell. “No worries. Go ahead. I’ll just separate out the edges and listen while you play.” Her hair covered her face as she started sorting the pieces.

He walked over to the couch and turned on the console. As it powered up, he sat back and watched her. She was so focused on those tiny pieces that her tongue was sticking out from between her teeth.

The console started playing music and he reached for the controller. Something about the look on her face drew him in. He shook his head. Video games would always be there. How often did they get a quiet day to just hang out together?

She looked up as the music suddenly stopped to see him putting down the controller and standing up. “Something wrong?”

“Yes, there is. I have an adorably nerdy wife who offered to spend the day with me and I almost wasted it on a video game.” He sat down next to her. “Let’s sort some puzzle pieces while we have a glass of wine.”

Her face lit up. “Really? That sounds like so much fun!” He kissed her nose and got up to get the wine.

The aliens could wait for another day. Today was the day to focus on them.

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