P is for Pool

The back part of the bar was empty on this Wednesday night. There was a big game on the TV and everyone was gathered around the bar to watch the local favorite.

a woman on a billiard table
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It wasn’t really the right atmosphere for date night so we headed to the back where it was quieter. “Oh, look! There’s a pool table!”

“Yes, there is,” you say, slowly.

“Want to play?”

“After last time? You wiped the floor with me. I’m not sure my ego can handle that again,” you laugh.

“Well…maybe we can make some new rules for the game. Make it a little more interesting.”

You burst out laughing. “Your rules are always interesting, but they rarely give me a better chance of winning. In fact, the decks are usually stacked against me twice as much.”

“I do like to win,” I toss my hair, “but you always seem to enjoy my games. If you don’t want to play, we can just go back out there and watch the other game.”

You pull a face. “Nope. I don’t want to go back out there. What are the rules?”

I frown a bit while I think and then a big grin crosses my face. “How about you get two turns for every one of mine? Whoever pockets the most balls wins. And the winner gets to choose the activity for the rest of the evening.”

“I guess that helps. Do I get to break?”

“Sure.” I rack the balls and set it up. “Go for it.”

The balls scatter around the table and one goes in. You walk to the other side and start to line up the shot as I move opposite you and stretch just as you start. The cue misses and you glare at me. “That wasn’t fair.”

“What?” I bat my eyes at you.

“You know what. I see how this is.”

I line up my shot and the ball goes neatly into the pocket. I move to the next one and it goes in as well. You walk around to the side to try to distract me, but I have laser focus. I clear the table within the next 5 minutes while you stand to the side.

“Seriously? Couldn’t you have given me a chance?”

“But, I did. You got the first two shots. But, you know that I love to win.”

You laugh. “I know. And I got to stare at your ass while you played too. So what’s next on the agenda, my pool shark?”

“The rules didn’t say I had to divulge my plans. Get me another drink and then we’ll discuss what I won.”

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