H is for Historian

I’ve been interested in genealogy since I was 10 or 12. Once Ancestry was available. it was even better because I had so much more access to records.

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Partly because of this, I became the family historian. I also was the only child left on my side so if I didn’t do it, no one would.

I had luckily scanned the photos and labeled all of the people for my parents. Once they died, I would have had no idea who the random aunt in the picture was.

Snake’s mom also gave me all of the family history that she had accumulated before she died. It’s a lot more challenging because only some are labeled and trying to match faces with names is not always easy. Snake grew up in the military so they didn’t spend a ton of time with the people in the photos.

And then after his dad remarried, we ended up with the family photos and even some of those he has a hard time placing times and faces. Add to this our own family photos and there are so many boxes!

I’ve been working to sort and label them and then scan them so they are accessible. It seems so easy until you realize that 3 men have the same name or Aunt Lou is named after her grandmother.

It’s a lot. But I also love it. It’s like this never ending progression of life. The connections to the past and the preservation of it for the future.

6 thoughts on “H is for Historian”

  1. I love genealogy and have taken it upon me to update the family tree on my father’s side. There is a special website for our surname, but it stops with his father and his father’s first wife and then their son (of which my father knew nothing). My grandfather’s second wife – my grandmother – is not even mentioned there, and neither are all of the children and us, so I am in the process of updating that. And I love doing it!
    ~ Marie xox

  2. I have a lot of photos from my mums family and b4 she died my gran told me about her own history – i have written it all up as posts on my site. It is precious to know all about the past – IMO. So i think your quest is a good one
    May x

  3. My mother is really into genealogy. I couldn’t care less about relations but I often think about the future and in turn, lost history. The digital age can preserve a piece of us in no way possible before it. As long as we glorified primates can finally work together toward a human future.

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