W is for Wicked Wednesday

While it is not Wednesday, this is my last chance to post for Wicked Wednesday. I want to thank Marie for bringing together a community of wonderful people I respect and love.

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When we started our blog this was not the first meme that we posted to. I don’t know precisely when our first post was but I do know that it predates the tags on our site.

I also know that it’s the only one that we have only missed one or two weeks for most of the time we’ve been contributing. We’ve done the weekly roundup two or three times and were always amazed at the diversity and skill when we had to choose.

What made it special? Marie, of course. She is this meme’s heart and soul, and her generous spirit is evident everywhere.

I am privileged to be able to talk to her online and hopefully one day we’ll be able to meet in person. I truly look forward to that.

All good things must end and the time has come for her to move on to other things. I am looking forward to seeing her posts on Medium and any other new projects that she might start. Who knows? You might even find us over there with her and others.

But, mostly, I wish you all of the love and happiness, Marie. You truly created a wonderful community and are a great friend. The future awaits… Xox

4 thoughts on “W is for Wicked Wednesday”

  1. Charmer, you made me tear up. Thank you for this, for the love in it. Even though I am sad that today is the last day of Wicked Wednesday, it still feels like the right thing to do. It’s time to move on to new things.

    And just like you, I hope that one day we can make it happen, that we can meet in person. That would be SO nice!

    Love and happiness to you and your hubs too, and thank you for all your support over the years, and I am not only talking about Wicked Wednesday.

    Much love,
    Marie xox

    1. We will definitely make it work to meet up. Not sure if it will be this year or soon after, but we will do it.

      Your support and love and has and are a huge thing for us. I hope things for both of us calm down and move in the best direction possible this year.

      Charmer Xox

  2. It is sad to see this meme go, it’s mostly been how I’ve connect with you guys, which has been lovely. But I agree with you, Marie is the beating heart of it, and she has other dreams to follow. A meme is a lot of work and she wants to channel her energies elsewhere – but what a body of work she’s encouraged – I too raise a glass to Marie!

  3. A Poignant post filled with warmth and care. As both Steel & Posy have stated, Marie has been a part of a blogging catalyst for many of us.
    Best wishes to you all
    Swirly 🌻🧚🏻‍♀️

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