D is for Drama

So after my post last week, you probably think I’m going to write about drama llamas for this prompt. Newp.

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I lived for drama in high school. Not the over-the-top teen angst, but the actual class. I loved all pieces of it and did just about all pieces of it while I was in high school.

One of my favorite parts was doing the lighting for the plays. It included climbing up on catwalks, programming the board and running all of the lights for shows. It was fun and it was such a great learning experience because I’m not the most technical person in the world.

And, yes, it could end there. Except this extremely tall dark-haired guy came into MY booth on one day during senior year on a tour. He was taking beginning drama and it was part of the class. I was sitting there with my headset on while we were testing the lighting for the next show.

Apparently he was smitten by the headset. Or the person wearing it. Yes, let’s go with that one. And I’m sure you’ve already figured out who this guy is? No?

It was Snake. He made enough of an impression (I was distracted by my job, you know) that I said hi to him in the hall a few days later. He can tell you precisely where.

And the rest? He learned to do lighting for the play that I was in that spring. I had to teach him, which led to our friendship. And much, much more.

So that kind of drama? It was pretty life-changing.

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  1. What an adorable story! I’ve had similar experiences during my ‘Drama’ years in high school, but unfortunately not with the same happy ending. I’m really happy it worked out for you 😀

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