S is for Secrets

Why do secrets draw us in so much? There’s this sense that we don’t know a person unless we know their secrets.

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Everyone has secrets. There are big ones and little ones that aren’t shared with anyone. There are some that are between two people or a small group. There are some that are deemed “scandalous.”

And the reasons for keeping the secrets are just as varied. Some are just things that we want to move past and leave behind us. Others are things that could harm us if they were spread indiscriminately. Others are just literally things that are no one else’s business.

The reality, again, is that everyone has secrets. Some of the secrets that we hold might not even be considered secrets by us. It might be a trivial happening that we don’t think matters and aren’t keeping it as a secret.

The bigger reality is that no one has a right to your secrets without your permission. They are a piece of us that we don’t want to be common knowledge. The pieces that are offered are the pieces that we are entitled to.

Beyond that? The discovery of secrets through shared trust is beautiful and a crucial part of relationships. Watching a person peel away their own layers instead of forcibly doing it is what truly allows us to know a person.

You only know a part of me. I am a universe full of secrets.”

2 thoughts on “S is for Secrets”

  1. You hit the nail on the head with different types of secrets and reasons we have them.
    To trust someone enough to share can create quite a bond.

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