F is for Flowers

I love flowers. From the big splashy ones to the tiny cactus blooms that you can miss if you don’t catch them on the few days they are around.

orange purple green and white flowers decor
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

Snake will bring me “just because” flowers. These are the best kinds because there’s no “holiday” to prompt a gift. He was just thinking about me and buys me some.

He never buys the matched sets of roses or carnations. It’s always a beautiful assortment of different kinds. They burst with color in the vase and show love.

What are my favorites? I have no idea. I love them all–except lilies. Why?

Somehow in my head, they are associated with funerals. I don’t know if they were at my grandfather’s funeral when I was little and my brain made the connection or if it was something else. Whatever it is, I don’t like them. Any variety. Just the way it is.

And honestly, I have no idea what the meaning of any of the flowers actually is. I just know that when they come from Snake, they mean love.

“The world laughs in flowers.”

Henry David Thoreau

5 thoughts on “F is for Flowers”

  1. Lilies are sometimes present at funerals… They are, in the Christian tradition, symbolic of rebirth and are therefore used at Easter (resurrection) — I think somehow that whole “passing on to new life” thing is connected somehow.

    I like lilies, but the don’t like me. The Asiatic varieties give me hay fever. Callas are okay as long as they stay outside, attached to the foliage from whence they came.

    I’m a big fan of peonies.

    I also like hydrangeas.

    They’re both kind of round, bushy things. And neither of them make me sneeze. 😉

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