S is for Sweet, or is it Sour?

She was still sleeping while he snuck out to the store to get some fruit, some orange juice and a cheap bottle of champagne. They’d been up late and he figured that he had time to make pancakes and mimosas before she woke up.

pancakes with strawberry blueberries and maple syrup
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He raced home and she was still sleeping. He quickly put the champagne on ice and started mixing the pancake batter.

While the pancakes cooked, he grabbed some whipped cream that was left over from the other night and cleaned the berries.

After he got it all on the plates, he poured the mimosas and took them upstairs. He’d bring the food up as soon as she was fully awake.

She was just coming out of the bathroom when he walked into their room. She smiled as he shepherded her back to bed and placed the glass next to her. “What’s this?”

“I just thought breakfast in bed might be fun. I’ll be right back.”

He grabbed the plates and headed back in. She had fluffed the pillows so they both had a place to sit. He placed one plate on her lap and sat next to her with his own. He grabbed the mimosa and clinked glasses with her. They each took a sip and settled in to eat the pancakes.

“These look and smell amazing,” she said. She cut a piece and made sure to get the pancake, fruit, syrup, whipped cream and berry all in one bite. He watched her eyes widen as she chewed and swallowed.

“Was that a good look or a bad look?”

“It’s sweet…and the berries are sour…and then it’s sweet again,” she laughed. “I think my mouth is confused!”

He took a bite. Wow, the berries were sour. And that was a lot of sugar with the syrup and the whipped cream. He washed it down with a sip of orange juice which was tart after the heavy sugar.

“Dammit. I wanted it perfect!” He looked miserable.

“It is! You made it and it’s all wonderful.” She took another bite and leaned over to kiss him with whipped cream on her nose. He started laughing and then she followed. Pretty soon, they were both a sticky mess and the sheets were covered with breakfast.

“After I finish my breakfast in bed, how’s about washing my back? And the rest of me?” She leaned into him and he forgot all about the food.

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