B is for Bullet Journal

She was sitting at the bar by the window in the coffee shop. She was writing in a notebook and seemed oblivious to the morning rush hour around her.

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He wanted to sit next to her, but was afraid that he’d be an unwelcome intruder into her life. Taking a deep breath, he took a chance and sat in the seat next to her.

She looked up, startled, and then smiled. “Hi.”

Relief swept over him and he smiled back. “Hi.” He looked at the book. “Isn’t it January?”

She looked at the book and laughed. “Yes, it is. I’m May. Actually I was Marilyn, but new year, new adventures, and new name. It’s time to leave last year in the dumpster.”

“You can say that again. My name is Liam. Short for William. I’d love to hear about your new adventures.”

“Honestly? I’m considering leaving the city and heading to a small town in the mountains. Fresh start. Crazy, huh?”

He paused for a second, thinking about his ex, his dead-end job and the slush on the streets at the moment. “I don’t think it sounds crazy at all. When do we leave?”

She turned her seat around and looked him in the eye. “Liam, I think we need to have another cup of hot chocolate together. This could be the beginning of a fabulous adventure.”

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