How Fast…

We turn over the in bed and she snuggles into me. It’s a lazy morning, she’s fiddling with my cage, or at least as much as she can. I mean, it’s morning. And the cage is much, much less mobile than many other times right at the moment.

I growl as I come awake, and grin at her. Her head is on my chest, she’s looking at me and squeezing… just so. It feels amazing and aggravating.

It’s been a loooooooooong run. And she’s been doing everything from edging marathons to other types of play and it’s piling on a bit. I’m at that tipping point between aggravation and frustration of the good kind.

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“Wow, he’s really fighting me,” she says, trying to move the cage side to side. “It’s almost like he’s interested or something.”

“Or something?” I say. I admit the thoughts are sliding into my brain, the things I’d like to do. The person I’d like to do them with is right here, we have the time, she’s clearly thinking about it… I grin.

She sits up a bit. “You know what? I’m in the mood.”

Never. Ever. Is that phrase that comes out just like that from her. Never. I know something’s up and pull back a bit, perhaps even raising an eyebrow at her. “Oh?” I say, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“Yes…. ” she says. She makes these comical evil hands together at the fingertips – I imagine her strumming her hands together. “We’re going to find out how quickly you’d be able to cum first thing in the morning. “

I do a double-take. “What,” I ask. “I’m … confused.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I just want to watch you and see how long it would take. Like, now, please.” She unlocks me. “Something tells me that base ring isn’t going anywhere,” she says, wiggling me around by it, it feels like she has me by some “root” or something. I can almost feel my heartbeat in my cock at this point.

“Just… like that? You want me to find out how quickly…” I start to ask.

“Yes. And I did also say NOW.”

She rolls back on her side, watching, her hand on her watch, ready to push the start button.

I lay back a bit, so I don’t have to watch her, and close my eyes, to hide inside myself.

“Oh no, I forgot. You must look at me, in my eyes, for this exercise. I want to see the change in your eyes.”

She knows this bugs me. She knows it is something I struggle with. She also continually tells me she loves to watch, loves to see the whole scene unfolding in my eyes.

I look at her, grab myself and, slowly at first, start stroking. She’s grinning, looking back and forth between my gaze and my hand. She’s watching intently.

I know this is an odd race, and I suspect she has something else up her sleeve if I take too long, so I start doing the things that push me faster. Tighter, slower, faster, lighter, long, steady strokes. It does feel good and the whole “I got this” thought slips into my brain and I chase it away.

I can feel my gaze getting lazier, feel myself starting to respond. She snaps her fingers in front of my face, “right here, mister, looking right at me.” I concentrate, but I can feel those initial pangs of involuntary shudders. I hear my breath catch. I involuntarily speed up and force myself to slow, because it feels better alternating.

I feel every inch of me, even down in my body, the base of me struggling to push harder, to force me into lizard mode and out of control mode. I can feel the delicious internal struggle to let go. I feel her, see her, watching me, smiling, taking me in.

“Yum….” she whispers.

It starts a whole domino effect inside me that slowly starts building. I can feel my body starting to squeeze, to press toward my orgasm. I feel my brain start to accept it.

“Look at me…” she says softly. “And don’t look away again.”

I didn’t even realize my gaze had shifted, and pulled it back to her. My breathing is ragged, my body is twitching inside and my muscles are contracting.

“May I cum?” I somehow gasp it out. Realizing I may have waited too long, but knowing the goal of the moment with her.

There’s a pause. I’m so close I can feel my cock starting to twitch.

“Nope,” is all she says softly. My body almost literally screams out.

And really, I should have known.

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