P is for Performing

Besides travel, the biggest thing that we had to postpone during the past two years has been dancing. We couldn’t take lessons for about 9 months because everything was shut down and then performances didn’t start again until fall of this year.

While far from the most important thing in the world, we truly missed it. Dance has been our time together for about eight years. We’ve competed, we’ve performed, we’ve learned different styles and fallen on our butts (OK, that one is me) several times. The two hours a week are time where we can just focus on us and touching and connecting. No phones around and it’s wonderful.

We’ll never be pros, but we love the challenges of learning steps and lifts and the laughter when we completely biff a move. We get to choose songs that have meaning to us and we get to show the audience our love in a different way.

This past Saturday was our second performance this year. It was awesome and this step forward from the break is definitely worth saying “Mmm,” when I get to dance with Snake.


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  1. Oh, that sounds wonderful! I’ve always wanted to take Dance lessons with Mister k but it’s not.meant to be.
    Love your introspection about the touching and being.togeyher, especially without the phones 😉

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