S is for Seduction

He called towards the bedroom, “We’re going to be late. Are you about ready?”


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“Cayla?” He walked back to their room and walked in on her adjusting a very tiny strap on some very tiny underwear.

“I feel like you are underdressed. Not that I’m complaining, but…”

“I was just adjusting this. And I know. I tried on the coat to see which skirt I should wear. You know, since we have to go to this party and all.”

He laughed. “I know you don’t want to go, but I promise we won’t be long.”

She dropped the coat and bent over to pick up a skirt, flashing her ass at him. And it looked really good in that thong. He felt himself getting hard.

“No worries. I’ll just go put on something prim and proper and dull.”

“In fact,” she turned to face him, “I think I need to pull out the granny panties.” She turned around to rummage in her dresser. “How about these?” She held up a pair that she had worn one year as part of a Halloween costume when she went as a 90 year old woman.

“Uh, no, I don’t think those are necessary,” he grimaced.

“I think they’d be more appropriate for this shindig,” she pouted. “I wanted to stay home tonight with you. Wearing something a lot less than these.” She held up the hideous underwear.

The party had been a last minute invite from a coworker. Maybe he could bow out and tell them Cayla had already made plans? It wasn’t a total lie, after all.

She was bending over to take off the sexy thong and the decision was made.

“I think I need to call Mike and tell him that we had a previous engagement…”

**Missed the link up but this is for the Seduction prompt on Erotic Fiction Deluxe**

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