M is for Masquerade

She had given him the address and said it was a masquerade party. This was only their third date and he was nervous about meeting her friends.

photo of person wearing masquerade mask while holding goblet
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As he pulled up to the house, lights were so bright that it looked like daylight even though it was well after dark. He shot her a quick text:

Am here. Want to come out and meet me?

After a long pause, he got back

No. Just come inside and find me.

The butterflies in his stomach went into overdrive. He didn’t know many people in town since he had only moved here a couple of months ago and he really didn’t want to mess this up by doing something dumb.

All of the people who were milling around outside definitely had masks on. That at least made him feel better. He pulled his mask over his face and adjusted it in the rear view mirror. It was time to go in–if he procrastinated any longer, she was going to wonder where he was.

People nodded at him as he approached the front door. It was open so he just walked in. Music was loud to his left and people were dancing. She probably wouldn’t be there since she knew he was headed in, so he went the other way.

Of course, the masks totally obscured faces and there were blondes everywhere. Just great. The last thing he needed was to pick the wrong woman and offend Kate. He started wandering around the groups, listening for her voice. He ended up in the kitchen where a single woman was standing with her back to him.

Taking a chance, he said, “Kate?”

The woman turned and looked at him through her mask. Those eyes. How silly to think that he wouldn’t know her right away. Her gaze hardened him immediately and she walked to him.

She kissed him and slid her tongue in his mouth. He met her tongue with his and she pulled back. “No, no, no… This is my show.” She turned his back to the sink and leaned in again. He felt her hand against his zipper and then cool air as the zipper was slowly lowered.

“Here?” he tried to say while she bit his tongue.

“Are you shy?”

“Well, no, but I don’t know any of these people. Not the best first impression.”

She laughed. “I don’t either. They are actors here to play a part. I thought I’d see if we were as compatible as I thought.”

She lightly bit his neck while she removed his cock from his pants.

“Turns out, this looks like a great match.”

He leaned back. When she was right, she was right.

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