H is for Heels

He handed her the magazine and asked, “Why don’t you dress like that at the pool?”

Photo by Jose Musa from Pexels.com

She glanced at it and laughed. “You are insane.”

“You see it in pictures all the time. Someone must do it.”

“Yeah, women who are paid to do it and aren’t actually going swimming.”

He grinned. “I’d pay to see that.”

Arching an eyebrow, she replied, “What do you have to offer? We have a joint bank account.”

“Hmm…. what do I have that you might want?”

“Don’t go there. That’s a payment for you, too.”

He pouted. “Fine, but I still think you’d look better than she does.”

“Come up with a payment and you’ll find out.” She stuck her tongue out at him.

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