B is for Breakdown

He was supposed to be there before dark. She had made reservations at the inn and they were going to have dinner at the restaurant next door.

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He had left work with plenty of time to spare. She had gotten a ride there so they would only have one car and had texted him two hours ago that she had arrived.

Murphy’s Law being the way it is, his car broke down just far enough out of town that it would be hours before someone could come out. He texted her and told her he was on his way, but would definitely be late.

So he walked. What should have been half an hour away was going to be at least 2 hours. He was just grateful that she had taken their bag with her so he only had his work backpack to carry.

It was a beautiful area to spend the weekend. They would still have tomorrow and Sunday before they needed to head back, but dammit. Why did the stupid car have to break down tonight of all nights? He had a ring in his pocket and had had big plans for the dinner.

It was getting dark and the temperature had definitely dropped. He was just grateful that there was enough traffic on the road to justify lights so he could see where he was going. Not quite enough traffic that he could hitch a ride, but at least he wouldn’t fall off the side of the road.

After about half an hour, lights became visible coming towards him. That wouldn’t be much help as they were going the wrong way. He stepped off the side and shaded his eyes. The car was slowing down and he wasn’t sure if he should be hopeful or worried. He was all alone on this stretch of highway.

The car pulled to the shoulder and the back window lowered. There was Sheila smiling at him. “Need a ride, handsome?”

“God, yes! I can’t believe you came to get me.”

“We have plans, I believe, and I wasn’t going to give up our evening. I moved dinner back by an hour so you can get cleaned up.”

“And this is just one of the reasons that I love you,” he said, getting into the car. The driver did a quick U-turn and they were on their way.

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