C is for Champagne

She had finished the project. Whew! The client had signed off on it and it was time to celebrate.

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She dialed home as she packed up her computer. “Hi, it’s me. It’s done!”

She smiled as Mark’s yell reverberated through the phone. Putting it on speaker, she set it on the desk and laughed. “I know. I was afraid to jinx it by hoping tonight we could celebrate.”

“I knew you would get it done. Steaks are ready to cook, potatoes are in the oven and I even bought your favorite dessert. We are celebrating tonight.”

“That sounds perfect. I just finished packing up and I should be there in about 20 minutes.”

“I’ll be ready.”

She quickly said thanks and good night as she passed through the office and heard congratulations from several people still working. No way was she going to be late for the celebration dinner.

It was exactly 18 minutes on the dot when she pulled into the garage. She stretched and let the rest of the tension of the past month ease out of her muscles. Time for some well-deserved fun.

The door opened and Mark stood there in his apron. Only his apron. “May I take your bag? I assume you’d like to change into something more comfortable before dinner.”

Oooh, this was fun. She handed off her messenger bag and headed for the bedroom. Five minutes later she was dressed in some lingerie and a sexy robe. She had taken her hair down and was feeling festive.

There was candlelight flickering in the dining room and Mark met her at the bottom of the stairs. “May I seat you?”

“But of course.” He took her hand and sat her down. The table was beautiful. The nice dishes were out and he had even found the cloth napkins. He placed her napkin in her lap, went to the kitchen and brought back their plates.

“Does everything look right?” he asked. The steak was still so hot that steam was rising from her plate. The potato had been “loaded” with bacon, cheese, butter and sour cream and there were perfect green beans.

“It looks fantastic!” He smiled, kissed her cheek and poured her a glass of wine.

He sat down and they had the first really relaxing meal together in at least a month. They finished with a piece of carrot cake that he had gotten from her favorite bakery. She was going to start helping him clean up and he stopped her.

“The kitchen can wait until tomorrow. I’ll take care of it. We have some champagne to open and a celebratory toast ahead. Let’s go into the living room.”

The champagne was on ice and there were more candles. After opening the bottle, he poured them both a glass. “To you. You blew away this project just like I knew you would. You are amazing.” He clinked her glass and they both took a sip.

“Would you like a bath or a massage or something? Your wish is my command.”

She smiled and took off the robe. “I think we need to find out if the champagne tastes as good when you have to lick it off me.” She reached for the bottle and he grinned.

“I think that’s definitely important to find out for science.” he said as the drops hit her stomach.

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  1. As one who holds an advanced wine credential (WSET-Advanced), I will note that Champagne does not, in fact, taste as good when licked off my (Certified Sommelier) Mistress – it tastes much better!

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