A is for Ambition

I don’t do “ambition” well. Somewhere in my brain, ambition got connected with being obsessed with money and careers. Yes, I know, those aren’t the only options, but it is what it is.

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Goals, though? Those make sense in my brain.

What are my goals? They really don’t tend to be tied to work-type things. They are more likely to be more hobby and other lifestyle things.

First goal? To finally perform the dance that we’ve been working on since before the pandemic. No, it’s not THAT complicated. But, we’ve started and stopped lessons and skipped them so often that we literally have worked on it for over 2 years. And I’m still not sure that we are ready to perform it in 3 1/2 weeks. It feels overly ambitious right now.

Will keep you posted on that.

What else? I don’t know. Traveling maybe if things become safe again? Sorting through decades of photos and getting them organized? I feel like that one is more a dream than a goal.

Mostly? I guess to be happy. To do more. I don’t even know what the more is yet. And maybe that truly is my ambition.

“I’ve got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom.”

Thomas Carlyle
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8 Replies to “A is for Ambition”

  1. Oh I want to hear about how the dance goes – have read your posts where you mention it – And I think like your ambitions and am a fan of Thomas Carlyle quotes too
    May xx

  2. Like you I have not been much on ambition. I also don’t care for goals. They tend to get overcome by events and get in the way of life.

    Then again setting goals and then not working towards them has given me issues in the past.

    I miss dancing. I look forward to hearing how yours goes. What are you working on? My second wife and I took lessons for a number of years. Our first year we did a swing dance to Hey Lewis and the News with my wife doing an over my back flip. The second a tango to music from Gotan Project that started as a sword duel. And before we stopped we were working on a fancy two step to mud on my boots. All good fun.

    Your goals sound admirable.

    1. The one we are performing is a waltz to Making Circles. But 4 more after that are tango, west coast swing and progressive two step

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