E is for Edgy

Snake wrote the other day about 100 edges. We had been doing a boot camp weekend which we do from time to time and he had been doing a really good job of anticipating and following directions.

Photo by Fabio Pelegrino on Pexels.com

Boot camp tends to be more high protocol and attention to details and submission more than sex. That’s the way it is planned. It is supposed to reset and deepen the D/s dynamic.

Of course, he had also mentioned a couple weeks ago about maybe we should do a more extreme sex weekend at some point too if I was interested. Kind of a boot camp for him sexually.

** I do not need the more extreme because being Charmer and in charge, I get what I want when I want it anyway.**

I had told him that we might think about that, but he wasn’t really thinking about it for boot camp weekend because history. In fact, he didn’t know about it until this arrived on his Twitter timeline.

As you can see, you all are brutal. So 100 edges it was.

Usually when we have challenges like this, I tend to make him do the edges, but I can’t become predictable. This time I did them all in batches of 18-24 over the course of the day.

How did it go? You read his post, right? You see the picture above?

Muscles were sore by the end of the day, he couldn’t believe that his cock had betrayed him by cooperating and I did indeed do some serious laughing at his predicament.

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