P is for Popcorn

We love popcorn. I can actually name numerous memories associated with eating popcorn with Snake.

We took a giant garbage bag of it when we went camping one time in college. That and some hotdogs were our food for the weekend. I remember distinctly eating it in front of the fire with the river noises in the background.

popcorn in ceramic bowl
Photo by Mo Abrahim on Pexels.com

There was also a pretty sketchy motel that we used to frequent in college. We were poor and it was the only way to get privacy so we would go to a motel once or twice a month. Most of them weren’t wonderful, but we were young and just wanted to have sex without roommates around.

This particular one had free popcorn in the lobby. And it was actually decent popcorn which is even more surprising. It remained one of our favorite dive motels for the entire time we were in college.

Going to movies was always popcorn time. Sometimes the popcorn was better than the movie that we went to see. But there’s something fun about bumping hands in the popcorn bowl.

When we couldn’t go to the movies, we first started with the stand-by of microwave popcorn. It was fine and it went a long way to making it feel more date night worthy when we were watching movies here.

But then, I found a magical popcorn bowl that uses popcorn and no oil and pops in the microwave. It’s like the old air poppers, but much easier to clean and store. The popcorn is wonderful and the best part is that we (OK, Snake) can make it exactly the way we like it.

He’s been spending the last year perfecting his popcorn game and I have to say, it is MMM worthy.

4 thoughts on “P is for Popcorn”

  1. Love love love popcorn! I still make it the old way in a pot on the stove. Outer local hardware store has one of those small antique popcorn machines that’s made fresh each day. I may be the only wife that enjoys going to the hardware store 🙂

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