W is for Wilderness

Growing up in Colorado, wilderness was never that far away. We could go to the mountains and be away from people and civilization pretty easily. After we moved to Tucson, there still is a certain amount of that with the surrounding mountain ranges.

There’s something inspiring about being in the wilderness. No noise from cars and people and just the rustle of the breeze through the trees. My dad and I used to go camping in October when all of the tourists were gone and we almost had the national park to ourselves. It’s really peaceful.

green trees near lake
Photo by Sara Loeffler on Pexels.com

That said, I don’t think that even with all of that experience, I’ve ever been to a more remote place than Alaska. Snake and I have been twice and each time was an incredible trip.

The first time we landed in Anchorage, drove to Denali, Fairbanks and then back down to Glennallen and back to Anchorage. The pieces to and from Glennallen were so remote and we rarely saw another car. It makes you realize how hard it would have been to settle those areas.

The second time we did Anchorage and Denali again but then sailed on a small boat cruise (only 100 people) from Juneau. We went through Glacier and were within 1/4 mile of a calving glacier. We went on a Zodiac early one morning and felt like we were the only people in the entire world. There is literally no way to express how incredible the trip was.

I love the conveniences of a city. We would struggle to live somewhere where theatre, restaurants and movies were hard to get to (during normal times). But, the beauty of unspoiled wilderness? That feeds the soul.

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