E-Stim… Electricity, and Me.

We’ve played a bit with e-stim before. I got frustrated at the lack of control a bit, and not being able to get to “too much!” in the use of it. I always tend to seek out that line – the too-much-line – so you know what the full range is that you have to explore.

SO, I went on a hunt. Find a different machine, different approach, and try, try again.

And I did. We did. And we found that line…

I found a medical-oriented e-stim unit (on AMZN of course) and did the research on why it was cool, what was different, etc. I was excited that it had two outputs. Disappointed that it was driven off a single 9v battery (because MOAR!) and figuring that could be anything meaningful. Right?

We also still have the prior unit – so we technically have 3 terminals/plugs available to play with.

This time, the experience ranged from “you gonna turn that thing on???” to “oh, hell no!” – so we found that “too much” point, for sure.

Now, before we get started… a few things to note. (See the important note below too).

  • This was an experience about bizarre sensations and feelings. It’s was really hard to write about because it was so internal. I figured “we were playing with electrocuting me and it went well” wasn’t so great. So below is the rest of it. 🙂
  • You use lube to make better connections – but of course lube is slippery too (Duh) so be mindful that having a t-shirt or washing your hands after the lube is applied AND BEFORE YOU TURN ELECTRICAL DIALS is probably a good idea. I can vouch for the extreme surprise an accidentally spun dial can bring because of slipping.

Is There Enough Power?
The range on the new device runs on two dials (one for each channel) and goes from Off to 10. Interestingly, it depends on the location and, of course, the connection. We had two loops to attach it to my…, well, there. Yep. There. Yes, the loops plug into the leads and then you can pull them tight around whatever you like. Of course this time, it’s one at the base, one just below the head of my cock.

We also put two pad-oriented ones (like you see in the hospital) on my upper legs/pelvis. Those were self-adhesive pads, and they connected just fine, thank you. At 3/4 on the power scale, I could feel this bizarre zap down my legs past my knees. It was this oddball internal sensation that is hard to describe. Not sexy on its own, but the masochist side of me was intrigued. Turn it up a bit and it went all the way to my toes. Such an unsettling sensation. Not bad, not painful, just unnerving.

Back to the other.. We found that a 2-3 it was this internal vibrating and felt pretty good. at 4 it was on the hairy edge and depending on the pattern of electricity (pulsing, solid, ebb/flow, etc.) it could get right up to the edge. 5 felt like 1000 needles being poked at me internally. Not pleasant at all and very hard to not jerk away. So, 4 it is.

Important – This was highly dependent on a wet connection there is usually a water-soluble lube included. The reason this is important (critical even) is that if you do NOT have this connection, you have WAY too little control and you can end up with a big, big surprise surge out of nowhere just by moving a little. If you do have a good connection, you have nearly perfect control over the sensations and increasing/decreasing them. That lack of control can actually border on scary when it suddenly starts getting very sharp and you don’t know why.

Was It Sexy? Or Just Weird?
So, how’d it go – was it sexy? Was it fun? It was a great deal of fun to play with. Just the sensations at times had us literally laughing out loud as I’d be reacting to them and the bizarre feelings.

We also had a probe… it was tiny, but did seem to line up and was purpose-built for prostate torture, er, therapy. So, here I am, wires all over the place. That damn 9v battery showing what it’s made of…

That anal probe was the most strange feeling. And even with the lube and all of that, it seemed to take more power to get it going (I could go to 10 on that lead). But it was a sensation of involuntary contractions a bit. It felt strangely good and aggravating and frustrating and never amounted to much. Until.

But Was It Sexy?
We decided to push this thing, see what would happen if… and you know my Charmer, she’s all about the edging when all else fails. So… we started.

3 different leads, firing away, different levels. It felt incredibly good and… “urgent?” It was weird. It was like my body was like “yes, orgasm-city!” and thought that was what it was doing but nothing was happening… for an extended period. Yes, we were able to edge.

But then, on a break, hadn’t done anything, were actually talking about it – BOOM. It just happened. None of the good sensations of a full or even ruined O. Just… SQUIRT. We’re not talking in the proximity of edging. We’re not talking about anything going on except electrical stuff.

It was really odd and completely involuntary. I don’t even know for sure what pushed that button and said “go” but it was crazy, totally unexpected, and totally out of the blue.

In total, we found out that there is indeed an upper end given the right device. We found out that 9v is plenty, mister. We found out that a good connection is incredibly important.

I think, too, that we determine that on its own, it’s a sensation play. It’s about freaky sensations and especially when you have your partner driving, about unexpected sensations. Keep in mind, if you’re driving, you can’t see or hear what’s going on for your partner, so be mindful of that and make sure you know that turning that dial might be doing wild things.

I think, too, that we determined that combining this with other things – and goodness knows I’m sure we’re going to experiment more and find out how many other things are good combos, but combining it – is really fun and can be very unexpected in terms of its add-on impact.

We’re looking for a better probe. This one was an impulse purchase and … small. Just didn’t induce confidence in use. We’re looking for a real one that pushes the right places and has the right bits. Will keep you posted as we try out options.

We went from meh, to laughing out loud together to sexy fun to “what the hell just happened,” all with just playing with it. Give it a whirl if you’re so inclined!


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  1. This is really interesting as your experience has been quite different to ours. We have the Electrastim flick duo which goes from 1-22. I can’t feel anything from the pads until 5 or 6 but it definitely gets strong when we use it with the conductor gel into the higher levels. HL’s sensitivity is different though. We also have a probe which feels nice but like you, we found it had to be turned up much higher to feel it, although when it got really strong was when it started to come out. I agree with you that it is an interesting feeling and it is pretty versatile in terms of experimentation so I look forward to reading more about what you get up to with it. Missy x

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